Immigration Solicitor Legal Practitioner Number [5512038]

Business Investor Visa

To seek direction and guidance about investing in Australia make an appointment to meet with Madalena Vellotti who can advise on the Business Investment Visa process

Family & Partner Visa

We can help with visas for spouses, de facto partners, same sex relationship visas, family reunion visas as well as parent, child and adoption visas.

Citizenship & Return Residency Visa

We can provide direction as to how we can prepare your Citizenship Visa. Ask how we can prepare your Return Residency Visa that will protect you from losing your permanent residency status.

Travel Exemptions

We can help you with preparing travel exemptions, Appeals & Visa Cancellations

We can assist with making detailed submissions and representations on your behalf and arrange to work with forensic psychologists to prepare reports if risks of reoffending.

We can represent you at the Administrative Tribunal or Court of Appeal in Federal or High Court

Submit an enquiry and make an appointment with Madalena for advice, direction and obtain an estimate of costs.